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Temporary Closure Notice

Dear HCA Community,

After much careful consideration and research, I have made the difficult decision to close the clinic for at least the next two weeks in order to help the community prevent an outbreak of the coronavirus. As difficult as this decision is for me, I want to help alleviate any anxiety or concerns in the community by taking a proactive approach and implementing these protective measures. My priority is safety. In line with this, I am following the lead of the CDC and national public health experts by taking precautionary measures to prevent or at a minimum help slow the spread of the virus.  At this time, I want to err on the side of extreme caution in order to protect patients, some of whom have serious health conditions and/or are members of vulnerable populations. Many others have a relation to someone who is in an at-risk population.I am closing today and cancelling all upcoming appointments for the next two weeks. My plan is to follow the recommendations of the experts and re-open after this two-week closure if the conditions warrant. At the end of the day, we are in this together, and I want to take a leadership role in helping to prevent spread of the virus in our community. In countries that have taken proactive measures by encouraging people to stay home, the rate of transmission has slowed and health care systems were not overwhelmed. The opposite has been true in countries that didn't take the situation seriously until after it became apparent that there had been widespread transmission. Even though it may seem extreme right now, I think that this is the right thing to do, although it will create hardship for the clinic and many of you. Thank you for your understanding and patience while the clinic is closed. My thoughts are with all of you. Please do all you can to stay healthy and safe. If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to email me at

Thanks for reading and take good care,


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